A Serious Lawyer To Answer To Serious Charges

When you have been charged with a serious felony crime, your freedom is in jeopardy. Crimes such as assault are punishable by severe penalties. At this crucial time, you need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney you can rely on to stand by you and fight for your freedom.

The lawyers at Michalski Law Office in St. Cloud understand the gravity of a felony charge. Attorney Michael J. Michalski has successfully defended clients throughout Minnesota who have been accused of violent crimes, and he will handle your case with the seriousness and intensity it deserves.

No Charge Is Too Daunting For Our Firm To Handle

Our lawyers have built their reputation by taking on difficult cases. Because the penalties are so substantial, violent crimes charges can sometimes seem as if they are too difficult to prevail against. However, our attorneys are never afraid to take on a challenge.

Defendants facing assault charges may find themselves accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the nature of the alleged crime. In some situations, however, the charges are almost always classified as serious felonies. These might include:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes
  • Domestic violence, including assault and battery
  • Murder, attempted murder and manslaughter

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