Make Sure Your Financial Interests Are Protected

The end of a marriage is not just the end of a personal relationship. It also marks the end of a financial relationship for many couples. While many people in St. Cloud are eager to complete the divorce process and move on as quickly as possible, this may not be in their best interests. In fact, pursuing speed at the cost of not being thorough could cause important things to be overlooked.

The attorneys at Michalski Law Office understand what it takes to get something done — and what it takes to get it done right. Issues of property division need to be resolved correctly the first time, and our lawyers' attention to detail is a key component of making sure a divorce case is handled properly.

What Can I Expect In Terms Of Asset Division?

It is natural to assume that asset division will be handled on an equal basis — 50 percent to each side. However, it rarely works that way in practice. The two sides may negotiate terms that are acceptable to them, even if they are not at all equal.

Should the matter end up in front of a judge, then marital assets might be subjected to equitable distribution. Note that this is not the same as equal distribution; a judge will evaluate the parties' financial picture, future earnings expectations and other factors to determine what is equitable.

This makes having an experienced family law attorney extremely important. Contact Michalski Law Office to set up a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your case today at 320-200-1090. You may also complete and submit our online contact form.