Know Your Child Support Rights And Obligations

When parents in St. Cloud divorce, the whole family will feel the effects. From the perspective of children, particularly young ones, the situation can seem confusing and frightening. It is often best for them if they are able to keep to the same routines, go to the same schools and otherwise have a life that is not dramatically different than it was before their parents' divorce.

One tool for helping to maintain this sense of normalcy is child support. If one parent is the child's primary caregiver, then the noncustodial parent is expected to contribute financially to the child's upbringing. While this may seem straightforward, at least in theory, in practice it can get more difficult. A lawyer on your side during the process, such as a family law attorney from Michalski Law Office of St. Cloud, can help navigate around the pitfalls common to parents in this situation.

Work With A Divorce Attorney Who Knows The Stakes

Child support obligations are based on several factors, including the parents' assets and income. Our attorneys will carefully vet financial statements to make sure that there is no attempt to hide income or assets.

Some clients may have child support issues unrelated to divorce — findings of paternity, for example. Attorneys from Michalski Law Office can work to establish paternity for the purposes of obtaining child support.

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